Pizza Dough [Pizza Deeg]


  • 3g dry bakers yeast
  • 300g "Frans Krokant" (Aveve)
  • 150g "Brown Bio" or "White Bio" (Aveve)
  • 10g olive oil
  • 1-2 teaspoons salt, to taste
  • 240g water

Prepraration of the dough

Put all the ingredients in the baking machine (I use a Panasonic SD-2501) in order of the ingredient list (in essence don't let the yeast touch the salt directly). Optionally add a tiny bit of herbs, e.g. oregano.

Use the Pizza Dough program. Dough will be ready in 45 minutes. Transfer the dough to a bowl, cover airtight and refrigerate, ideally for an entire day.

Preparation of the pizza

Prepare a pizza sauce (Fresh tomato, canned tomato, onio, garlic, oregano, ... whatever you like). Prepare toppings (pre-fry onions, mushrooms, ...)

Pre-heat the oven on convection+conventional heating at around 230C. Cut the dough into even pieces, I usually make 4 pizzas out of one dough. Roll out the dough, and stretch on a silicone mat. Sprinkle a good amount of olive oil on the dough and perhaps spread it out with a silicone brush. Apply a thin layer of pizza sauce. Fill with toppings, not overloading the pizza. Optionally, add an egg. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Bake in the oven, time really depends on the pizza and could be anywhere between 3 minutes and 15 minutes, so just keep en eye out on the oven. Optionally, when the crust starts to solidity, you can take the pizza of the silicone mat and put it in the oven directly, to have a more direct baking of the bottom.